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Access statement

Wizards.cz, the author of this website, proclaims that this website complies with all important principals of accessibility according to the methodologies of Blind Friendly Web (project of United Blind and Weak-Eyed People) and WCAG 1.0.

All the texts are defined in relative units and can be easily zoomed out and in using standard tools of internet browsers. The layout and operation of the website is designed to be easily accessible by both alternative browsers and handicapped people.

The structure of the layout and the contents is created by means of structural XHTML 1.0 Strict. The visual presentation is created by means of cascade styles (CSS).

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The following access keys are used for the main navigation tools of this web:

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[alt + z] - Quality management
[alt + r] - References
[alt + f] - About our company
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If you detect anything on this website that would contradict the accessibility requirement, please contact us, helping us to take prompt corrective measures.

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