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Scope of main business activities:

The company specialises in implementing reinforced concrete structures by means of:

We mainly construct:

The scope of work depends on the client’s request and ranges from complete deliveries (turn-key projects) including design documentation, complete implementation of civil works, all technology, trial operation to special work carried out by means of sliding shuttering or special large surface forming. Our company closely cooperates with respectable construction and technology suppliers and with external specialists. It is ready to meet the every customer’s requirement.

Our equipment

We have sliding shuttering developed and manufactured by our company:

We also use well-proven forming systems DOKA and PASCHAL and combine them with our own forming and supporting systems.

Our experience

Our employees have gained extensive experience with implementing numerous reinforced concrete structures by means of sliding shuttering and special large surface forming both in the Czech Republic and abroad, for example in Slovakia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lebanon, Jordan, Algiers, Afghanistan, working either under the name of our company ‘TAŽENÉ KONSTRUKCE’ or under the company’s former name ‘Průmstav Pardubice’.
The company’s owners are the members of and active participants in the "Czech Concrete Society" (Česká betonářská společnost).

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